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We take enormous pride in creating our products.
We hope that you'll find something in the catalog that you like.
Each Patch is handmade of quality human or synthetic hair. 
No two are exactly alike.
We also can create custom orders.
For questions or more info go to:

 Thank you.

We accept the following credit cards:

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  Pubic Wigs or Merkins 

   Because of hairloss due to hormones, sickness, or aging.
   Because you don't have enough hair to shape.
   Because you don't want to go to a hair salon and ask them to color your pubic hair.
   Because you don't want to spend $100. to get it colored and have all the stylist laughing in the breakroom.
   Because you decided to shave it off and you want to have fun with colors and shapes.
   So the carpet will match the drapes!!
   For a special gift for a wedding shower or birthday.
   Something different to spice up your relationship.
   Because your in a movie and you don't want to appear completely naked.
   Because it's natural to have hair down there.
   Because your blow up doll is bald.
Why? etc.......